In this link you can find a video I shooted of my son about Christma’s Tree. My husband and I are planning to use it as Christmas card to show our tree to all friends.

I edited with Windows  Movie MAker but firstly I had to convert the file from MPEG4 to MPEG or Windows Media with Adobe Premiere Element 3.0.

WMM didn’t admit my MPEG 4 files. It’s was very hard but I did it and I was very satisfied about it



10 Headlines to discuss

The following 10 headlines were taken from Buenos Aires Herald. December, 3rd, 2008.


Good examples

Favourite Mark Leckey wins Turner art prize 

Lower House committees debate anti-crisis bills 

Oil prices fall below US$47 

Ambito buys herald 

Somali pirates fire on US cruise ship 


I think all these headlines have enough keywords in the title and include repeats inside the text.

All these can be considered clickeable by readers and chosen by search engines.


Wrong Titles

You cried for me, Argentina

Her madgesty 

Assembly to be suspended? 

Kuwaiti pact

University competition



All these headlines lack keywords and are not enough explicit to be understood by readers online and search engines.


One of the my favorite blogs is Huffington Post. It’s interesting and dinamic, its layout is attractive and has juicy comments. 233grados is very interesting too, principally ‘cause update how the digital media is going on and let us know what the newspapers are doing to evolve to the future. In the other hand, I use to visit 101cookbooks because I love cooking and collect recipes.

Other blogs:

Bestiario, a blog about pets. 


Motherlode, a blog about “real problems”



Fix cam fron WPost, a video blog



I started  with RSS four months ago and I chose Google Reader following a co-worker advice. I’ m suscribed to many differents feeds from blogs, newsoutlets, magazines to cooking and gossip sites. Examples: The Wall Street Journal Americas, all the argentine papers, The New York Times, Periodistas 21 blog, 233grados blog, The New Blog Times, etc.

I’m also suscribed to differents news search alerts from Google News ARgentina: one is my own name, and the other is the name of a famous chef, Dolli Irigoyen, that help keep updated about new recipes.