Multimedia packages to analize



This multimedia package is about american people who help to save lives of children in risk en South America. We can say that turns almost all the basics characteristics of good multimedia:  1) appropiate use of medium with a mix of images,  maps, audios, texts, sounds and off narration, operative words which increase the general atmosphere an add a quote of emotion which become package in a attractive work. Unfortunately, the’re no video but doesn’t realize because its editing is excellent. So excellent that you can think that it does include videos.

2) Compelling presentation: design is absolutely attractive trhough lay outs, graphics, moving photos, very good recorded audios, testimonies which show dramatical situations.

3) Easy navigation 




This multimedia work was prepared by a Los Angeles Times team about  how drugs war is killing people in Mexico. In regard to it I consider that gathers the three basics characteristics of good multimedia:

1) Appropiate use of medium: Videos, audios, slideshows, interactive maps, graphics, timelines, opinion, forums, users comments. Anyway I would prefer a more shocking presentation. I mean that rather than including graphics and numbers I’d choose a group of strong pictures to catch the user at the firs glance.

2) Compelling presentation: an attractive designs, mixing different scenes with killers stories presented as slideshows, bring up a powerfull efects about the tragedy Mexico is suffering today.

3) High usability because navigate it is really easy



After thirty six years  sixteen survivors remember the tragedy in Montevideo,  all together for the first time


This multimedia package was made by La Nacion team (online and print journalist together) last october to remember that legendary accident. The meeting had place in Montevideo some days before launching a new book about those dramatical days. Difference between this one and Alive, the story of The Andes survivors (1974, by Piers Paul Read), the first book published in regard to, arachive material, some parts of new book.

As multimedia package, I consider that  turns basic characteristics of good multimedia, but I’d add some things to complete it.

1) Use of medium:  this multimedia work have video interviews with some of the survivors (very emotional), timelines, historical pictures, audios, extracts of the last book, what the newspapers published about the story those days, testimonies, te voice of the author, etc. etc. I’d add more pictures, some audios interviewing the rest of the survivors (Cannesa, Nando Parrado, Carlos Paez, for instance),  a video with the old men who found them in the mountain when nobody couln’t believe, an interview with Carlos Paez’s father, the famous uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró who never lost his hope in those times, some scenes of the film (Alive), users generate content, opinion, interactive map.

2) Presentation: it’s ok but could be better through graphics and historial pictures, more videos and other testimonies.

3) Easy navigation 



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