10 Headlines to discuss

The following 10 headlines were taken from Buenos Aires Herald. December, 3rd, 2008.


Good examples

Favourite Mark Leckey wins Turner art prize 

Lower House committees debate anti-crisis bills 

Oil prices fall below US$47 

Ambito buys herald 

Somali pirates fire on US cruise ship 


I think all these headlines have enough keywords in the title and include repeats inside the text.

All these can be considered clickeable by readers and chosen by search engines.


Wrong Titles

You cried for me, Argentina

Her madgesty 

Assembly to be suspended? 

Kuwaiti pact

University competition



All these headlines lack keywords and are not enough explicit to be understood by readers online and search engines.


2 Respuestas a “10 Headlines to discuss

  1. Hey! Here is Gabrieli, another student from Knight Center. You made me laugh a lot with the “You cried for me, Argentina” headline. It’s a real bad example. You are from Argentina, right? Have you heard about the Estudiantes game last night? They played here in my town, Porto Alegre.

  2. I found your blog very clear, easy to understand, and with great varied examples of interesting themes.


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